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I am always looking for new blogs to follow. I think there are a lot of creative minds, and bloggers out there and I want to make sure I am not shutting myself off by only reading a handful. I was on Cupcakes and Cashmere  – one of my faves – last week and there was a link to this blog –  The Everygirl  and I instantly fell in love. As soon as you land on the page there is a lot to look at, which kept me stimulated enough to read through a bunch of different articles without getting bored. I looked over the travel section (since travel is also a huge passion of mine) and the decor articles, the beauty, the culture and the fashion section. I love that this blog has so much to offer, The Everygirl focuses on more than just one facet which is what I love so much about it.

While I was on the site, I found this article about marketing authenticity by Lindsey Saletta. Authenticity is something I feel I am currently battling and the article really helped me feel happy about my blog, it helped me to remind myself to write and post about what I love, without worrying about whether or not people will love it as much as me. This is after all my blog, and it is important I stay true to myself, and not conform to what I think people will like best – at the end of the day this is for me.

” There is an instincit value in who you really are, not who you want to be, or wish you were, but who you really are and how you really feel. The real you is where the passion happens. It’s where progress happens. It’s where compassion, and truth and adventure happen.”

I think this quote perfectly sums up how everyone should think about themselves. We are all unique and different in our own way and we need to showcase that as best we can, whenever we can.


Tomboy Loafers & Embellishments

This past weekend was really my first time playing with the camera – with me in front – and I felt a bit out of my element. I love using my camera and I have no problem getting in a million pictures with friends or taking the occasional “selfie,” but for some reason, it was very hard for me to act poised and polished with so many people walking by, I felt super awkward. I am by no means a model and later that day I needed to remind myself of that, I needed to just have fun and enjoy the day! Which is exactly what I did.

It was chilly out, but not cold enough for a jacket. I decided to just throw on a comfortable sweater, my Tomboy loafers from LOFT and call it a day. The great thing about these loafers is that they fit so well and I never felt uncomfortable. It is very important for me to have comfortable, yet stylish shoes to wear around the city; I walk so much!

We headed right up to the farmers market in Union Square. When I was living in the East Village, it was a weekend to do – every weekend. Now that I am living a bit further south, I don’t get up there as much. We made sure to stop and get some cider, and then check out what else the market had to offer. I never really get too many fruits / vegetables there since I hate having to lug them around with me afterward, but I love taking to the vendors and looking at everything, there is so much! It’s a social enjoyment thing for me, I love being around all the people!

Incase you were wondering, I am wearing Relentlessly Red by MAC on my lips.

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