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Headed to Philly

In West Philadelphia….(I hope you can finish that sentence, if not go here )…is what I will be singing this weekend. It might sound crazy to some, but I’ve never been to Philly (or had a cheesesteak for that matter), and Jordan and I are headed down there this weekend. Philadelphia is such a short train ride away from the city, yet for some reason I’ve never taken the trip in my 3.5 years living in NYC. I’m excited to explore another city and have a mini getaway with my love. We are hoping to hit up a few dive bars, maybe one nice restaurant if our wallets can take it, and of course indulge in a savory cheesesteak sandwich WITH extra wiz cheese please!

Another thing I am excited for are pictures, I love capturing moments in a new place – exploring the streets and food- and maybe taking a few pictures of myself if I can muster up a photo – worthy outfit.

We are staying at the Hotel Monaco Philadelphia – A Kimpton Hotel and I hear it’s amazing!

Enjoy your weekend!

I Love Lists

Since I started a real interest in blogging, I’ve uncovered a strange obsession for lists. Having them keeps me organized, and I love crossing my “to-do’s” off of lists I’ve made for myself, it makes me feel so productive. ¬†However, aside from my personal use, I love reading articles that have numerical lists – it might be because I tend to get a bit board if I am sitting reading one article for too long, and the lists give me a sense of how much more I have to read until I reach the end. Whatever the case, I’ve gravitated towards certain articles this week that are very interesting, and also happen to be full of lists :-)

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Elite Daily – 33 Reason why Brittany Spears will forever be the Princess of Pop

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Weekly Inspo 12.3

Thanks for the Inspiration: We Wore What / Atlantic – Pacific / Asos / For The Love of Pretty / InStyle