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The Need For Eyeglasses

The truth is, computer/mobile screens destroy your eyes, but don’t stop reading this post.

Some Favorite Glasses: Warby Parker Nesbit Glasses (glasses I’m wearing here), Warby Parker Roland, Warby Parker Logan, Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren, Ray Ban, Michael Kors

Outfit: Halogen Plaid Topper – sold out (similar styles here, here, here and here), Karen Kane Leggings 

Over the past 5 years, my eyes have gone from 20/20 vision to not 20/20, very fast. I always thought I would have 20/20 my whole life, just like my mom does, but with the fact that I work in an industry that revolves around smartphones and computer screens, my perfect eyesight was destined for failure. As I type this, I’m hunching towards the computer to make sure I’m spelling words right. Ugh!

Typically, I only need glasses when looking at computer screens or reading, and even then I have some issues seeing 100% clearly. Part of that is likely because I need to update my prescription. I bought these ones from Warby Parker last year which I really love – I think I’m due for a new pair too. The other day was the first time that I ever wore glasses just walking around. I wanted to see if it would make a big difference in my farsighted vision since typically I can see well in the distance. However, the past few weeks I’ve noticed that subway signs, street signs and even people in the distance are blurry. The other day, Jordan was walking towards me and I didn’t know it until he was like 20 feet away.

Luckily for me, if I do get to a point where I need to be earing glasses majority of the time, I have a huge selection of great brands to choose from, and I could even have a different pair of specs of different occasions! now wouldn’t THAT be fun? Ha.

Is anyone else noticing their eyesight getting worse recently? Maybe I’m just getting old?



Oversized Velvet Bow

Sometimes I love to add a little ‘zing’ to my hair routine.

I was at NordstromRack the other day and there were so many different types of oversized hair bows that were hanging in the aisles, just waiting to be picked up. I couldn’t leave without one! Hair bows are always my top choice when it comes to accessorizing my hair. I’ve never been much of a headband girl, so when I feel like I need to add something extra, I always reach for a big bow. I was drawn to the black velvet bow, and while I don’t wear a ton of black, I loved the contrast of this one over the other colors ( similar here). I feel like it’s easy to add into my fall and winter outfits too! Being that it’s black, it’s not overly feminine either, which is right in my ballpark. I’ve picked some other bows below that I like as well below, in case you want to try and incorporate a big bow into your fall hair accessory routine!

Fall seems to officially be here. The weather temperatures are, on average much lower than they have been, the leaves are changing to their last bright shade of yellow, red or brown and have started to fall off of the trees, I’ve pulled out all of my coats and stocked up on my wintertime sweaters, finally. Fall, I’m ready for you!



Three Easy Last Minute Halloween Ideas

I love Halloween so much, and over the years it’s evolved.

When I think of Halloween I think about scary movies, stomach aches from all the candy I eat, and dressing up, of course.

As a kid I dressed up as my favorite Disney characters. When I went to college, it was all about the group costumes; 7 Deadly Sins, Victoria Secret Models (that was a very sultry year), KISS, Alice in Wonderland characters, even Tom Cruise in Risky Business. After college, I moved into dressing like my idol – Beyonce.

Dressing up for Halloween has always been one of my favorites activities, but the last couple of years Halloween has totally snuck up on me, not giving me an opportunity to plan an elaborate costume like I used to. This year, I figured there might be some others out there like me who want to participate but don’t necessarily have time to pull something together.

I picked three black items from Maggy London (this, this and this) to help me put together easy, last-minute Halloween costumes this year, and I love what the final results were; a classic cat, Audrey Hepburn and a Flapper! Sometimes you don’t realize how many great Halloween costumes you have sitting right in your closet!

I hope these ideas inspire you to dress up and partake in the fun Halloween festivities tomorrow, regardless of whether or not you have an elaborate costume.