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Waverly in Greenwich


The warm sunny days are almost coming to a close and I’m determined to soak up every last bit!

Outfit: Dress (similar here, here and here) Lo & Sons bag, Quay Sunglasses (similar here and here), Wedges (similar style here and here)

I was thinking the other day how I hadn’t been over in Greenwich Village during the day this summer, which is just crazy to me, so over the long weekend, I made it a point to get over there. It was so clear that school was back in session because the streets were filled with people (mainly NYU students). It’s always overwhelming when there are so many people in one place, especially when you want to just have a leisurely stroll, but I couldn’t blame anyone – it was a beautiful day! Greenwich Village holds my favorite park in the city; Washington Square park. There is something about Washington Square Park that brings me right back to my first few months of living here in the city.

I still remember, it was the middle of winter and I was listening to Mumford and Sons (I will wait) and I was alone in the park, singing to myself and twirling around. It felt like such a surreal moment for me, and a turning point for when I fell in love with this city.

On our way out of the park, we stopped at another one of my favorite spots in that area, the Washington Mews. It’s a street out of a storybook, with colored shutters, cobblestone streets, and painted houses. We arrived there early so that we could avoid the afternoon rush of others coming to take photos of their own.

I found this beautiful floral dress (similar here, here and here) on a spontaneous trip to H&M the other day and was impressed with how much I loved it! I can’t find the exact one online right now but will keep looking. Their turnover is so insane! Anyways, this dress is a perfect transitional piece for fall and can even see myself throwing a sweater like this over the top of it for a different type of outfit. I plan to bring it with me on our trip too!

I had my eye on this Lo & Sons Waverly bag for a while. I knew that it would not only be perfect for the city life, but also for vacation. As we’re heading off to Europe next week, it was the perfect time to make the leap and buy this bag, and I’m really happy with my decision. I couldn’t wait until our trip to wear it either, so while we were out the other day, I threw it on my hip and hit the road! My favorite part about it is that one of the ways (there are 3) to wear it is around your waist. I loved being hands-free! I was able to easily fit my iPhone plus, some essential credit cards, metro card and my license – all the essentials. I can’t wait to bring it on our trip!




Fall 2017: The Jean

While dresses and skirts are my favorite clothing items to wear during the summer, come September, I can’t wait for jeans.

I prefer a basic jean. I don’t love embroidery or anything too flashy (although, these may change my mind). Just a good ole’ jean. The styles I tend to go for more are cropped, wide-leg, and skinny. Always high-waisted. I don’t know how I wore low-rise jeans ALL the time in high school, but woof, they don’t fit me right! As time has gone on I’ve become much better about finding jeans that fit my body correctly, which I think is the biggest feat when it comes to shopping for jeans. There is nothing worse than walking into a dressing room, and throwing on a pair of jeans that fit horribly. It immediately makes you feel bad about yourself when it shouldn’t. It’s not you, it’s the jean type! So it’s important to realize that everyone has a  different body shape; hips sit high, butt sits low, slender hips, wide hips, thick thighs, the list goes on. After years of trying on different styles, and different brands I’ve finally been able to narrow down my list of styles and brands that I covet below:

Madewell – If I’m being honest, 85% of my jeans are from here. (love these, these, these, these and these) and I just bought (these and these)

Ann Taylor – Love these! They are actually the ones I wore in the Ann Taylor shoot

COS – I bought these last year, and still wear them all the time

Other brands I love: AG, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson

Also, a collection that I’m very excited about, is the Everlane denim launch on September 7th, just two days away! Everlane pants fit me great, so I’m excited to try these out and hopefully add them to my list here!



Summer 2017 Roundup


Today is the first day of September and this weekend marks the official end of the summer. What the heck!

Summer for sure flew by,  and while we come to the end of another season, ready to welcome the next, it’s only natural to look back at the season passing and reminisce. Summer was weird for me this year if I’m being honest.  I’m sure you’ve already read why, but if not, quick synopsis below.

I tore the meniscus in my right knee on Memorial Day weekend. Roughly 3 weeks after that, I lost my job. The week I lost my job I finally had surgery on my knee which made it so I could not walk until August. Which meant summer didn’t even truly start for me until August, and now, just like that it’s September 1.

Ok, summer was not a total bust, I did a ton of fun things, and made the best of what I was able to do, and more importantly, I enjoyed having a summer vacation that I never thought would be possible past college!

Summer started off strong with our trip to Charleston (posts, here, here, here and here), I honestly can’t wait to get back there again, likely at a time when the temperatures are cooler. I’m thinking next April or next October! The rest of the summer was pretty laid back. We went on a few trips home, and to San Diego for a family wedding, which made it feel like we did a lot. In the back of my mind though, I’ve been gearing up for our big trip, which is in less than two weeks, so I’ve spent the last month prepping for that and getting things that we need. I think it’s safe to say that, while I’m going to deeply miss these summer temperatures, I’m ready to welcome fall into my life and I’m looking forward to making fall the best season yet! Bring on the oversized sweaters, hot coffee and netflix weekends.

In this post, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite outfits from each month of summer! I think it’s safe to say, denim skirts were my thing this summer!