Vita Brillanti

bella ragazza. bella vita.

Thoughts and Things

  1. We noticed a draft in our apartment last winter, and we meant to get it fixed, but A) we didn’t want to spend the money and B) we honestly forgot until just now when it got cold again. Seeing that we will both decide we don’t want to spend the money to get our drafty door fixed, we will need to either purchase this blanket, which looks like it fell from heaven or this one. Seems like the perfect snuggle blanket for a “Netflix and Chill” night as well.
  2. In my next life, I want to be Evan Spiegel because he is about to make a ton of monies if he turns SnapChat into a public company.
  3. Being a bridesmaid can be stressful and time consuming. There is a lot of time and money that goes into being a part of a bridal party – but hell, I think we have it pretty good, considering what these poor bridesmaids have to go through in China. 
  4. Eating vegetables can be annoying, especially when all you want is candy and nachos, like me on most days. This guy has found a funny Halloween prank to play on kids who come-a-knockin. If I was still trick-or-treating I would have a shit fit if I bit into one of these chocolates.
  5. Keeping with the Halloween theme, let’s chat about we’re all doing on Halloween, I mean the REAL Halloween – October 31st. Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means you are bound to be exhausted come Monday night, in need of a real scare. Check out this list of spooktacular movies you should check out. I’m actually dying to see Babadook! I hear it’s insane, and I won’t sleep at night. Cool.
  6. I’m keeping this workout guide in my back pocket for when my Physique 57 gym membership expires. Gym memberships in the city are insanely pricy, and I can only justify spending the cash for so long, until it becomes no longer justifiable. I’ve made amazing progress in the past several months of Physique, but this holiday season I’m taking a break, saving some money and becoming OK with the fact that I’m going to work out less and eat more. Also, I need to buy presents for my family!

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