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  1. Looking for a new destination to explore? I’ve found one! Travel is something I’m extremely passionate about, I just wish I had more time and money to do it! Don’t we all though? Over the past month and a half Jordan and I have been doing some serious thinking about where we can travel next year. Italy has come up again (hehe), Banff, Alberta, San Francisco / Sonoma Valley, and Columbia. While all of those destinations are still on the table, one destination that is extremely attractive to both Jord and me is Cuba. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Cuba, and it seems like it’s the perfect place to visit! I also want to get there before they start knocking down all the old historical buildings to replace with hotels!
  2. Now that we’re married, Jordan and I share holidays – obviously. We celebrate Thanksgiving with Jordan’s family each year, and we normally head up to the Adirondacks to his families Lake House for the celebration, which is always such a blast. When it comes to cooking the meal, I’ve always shied away from contributing anything too substantial. My job at their Thanksgiving is always the appetizers, which I was happy to control. But this year I’m looking forward to hopefully helping out in a bigger way in the kitchen. I’ve never prepared the turkey, stuffing, or potatoes! I know, what kind of girl am I?! I found this article with some classic Thanksgiving recipes that I need to print out and bring with me. I think it’s good to start with the classics and then work your way up!
  3. Take the Quiz – Are you a Waffle or Pancake person? I totally thought I was a waffle person, because I use the holes in the waffle to add more syrup and butter – but turns out I am a true pancake-er! I freakin’ love these kinds of quizes.
  4. I’m not really one to read my horoscope every month, and that not because I don’t believe in it or whatever, but I just think that what is meant to be, will be! Anywho, I wanted to read it this month and turns out, it’s actually pretty fitting (I’m a Cancer). Maybe I will start to read more of these :-)
  5. I’m sorry, but I think this new pant trend for women pretty unflattering. What do you guys think?
  6. Wait, I’m obsessed with everything about this article. Does anyone else every find themselves at a party, where there is pretty good music going, and no one is full-force dancing, but kind of hopping and moving side to side? This article will teach you how to put all of those party peeps to shame! I will be practicing all of these moves in front of my mirror.

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