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Cheers To A Great Year

2013 has been on of those years that I will look back on and remember forever. Some really great things happened, one of the biggest being that my long time boyfriend of 8 years proposed to me in May! It has been almost 8 months since he proposed and within those months I’ve been able to add many more important moments to my 2013 calendar.

To start off the list, which is in no particular order of importance; 1) My parents built a brand new house (the picture above is during construction) which was a difficult move since previously we were in our house for 17 years! 2) I tried Indian food for the first time and surprisingly loved it! 3) I attended my first ever Bridal event at Kleinfeld’s in NYC with my sister, it was such a blast! 4)  One of my closest friends got married and I was a Bridesmaid in her wedding, which is a first! 5) My best friend got engaged in October in which I will be her Matron on Honor (our wedding’s are a month apart). 6) I met “the” Jamie Foxx while out on a client meeting, he was very kind and ended up getting in picture with my coworker and I  7) My family and I went on our annual “Brillanti Family Vacation” to Mexico. 8) While in Mexico, my sister and I had the opportunity to swim with Whale Sharks, which was absolutely amazing, scary, but amazing. 9)  I saw Kayne West in concert in Brooklyn. Despite what some people may think, he is amazing, and is on the top of my list of best concerts ever (Beyonce is #1 if you are wondering).  10) Last but not least, Jordan and I moved in together finally! We decided re-locate from the East Village of Manhattan to Battery Park, which is all the way down by the Financial District. We absolutely love it, and Lex (our dog) loves the area as well.

I am excited to see what 2014 will bring – In addition to our Wedding and Honeymoon in August! Happy New Year!



Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend!



Beat The Cold

I thought I was going to get out of Fall without catching any type of cold. I was wrong, and unfortunately standing in 30 degree weather this past weekend, taking engagement photos was the culprit. All day Saturday, Jordan and I stood, smiled and kissed for 7 hours. Luckily I was able to prepare myself on Sunday, I made sure to take in lots of Vitamin C and my cold only ended up lasting two days.

To provide myself a bit of relief I always need to make sure I have a few necesities – NyQuil being the most important. I also need to make sure I am taking care of my lips. Using a lip treatment like this Sugar Fresh lip balm treats my lips while also providing a little bit of color to ensure I never look too sick! I use this  daily. Make sure you have what you need in case the cold catches you!

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