Vita Brillanti

bella ragazza. bella vita.

The Dirty Shirley

As a child, my go-to drink was the Shirley Temple, as I’m sure it was for many kids. I would order about 5 in one night at dinner, and never sleep, since the main ingredient was sugar. If you’ve never had a Shirley Temple, you are missing out and you must make one immediately.

Once I was no longer a pre-teen who needed to be fueled on sugar alone, I decided that it seemed odd if I continued to order them while out to dinner. BOO. It wasn’t until years later when I visited Mexico with my family that I conjured up the courage to order my once favorite Shirley Temple. I was 19 years old, which is legal drinking age in Mexico, so when I ordered it the waiter asked me if I waned it “sucio?” If you speak spanish you know that means “dirty.” I had no idea what he meant by making my Shirley Dirty -it felt wrong – but I nodded, and before I knew it he was putting a hefty amount of Absolute Vodka in my once virginized drink. After my 5 temples I was old enough to know that what I was feeling was not a sugar rush, but I was wasted off my Shirley. That day I realized I could make a big girl drink out of my once childish go – to drink. I now don’t feel that embarrassed when I order my Dirty Shirley out at bars, and when people ask me what they are, I educate them, they try it, and they fall in love.

If you want to cut some cals, or are simply not a sugar loving human like myself, try using club soda, it does the trick as well.

It’s Freezing

This weekend, like many of them this winter, was pretty low key. The bitter cold weather makes it impossible to get myself together and leave the apartment. The wind chills have been insane and all I want to do is stay in, drink wine and make some hearty food – which is exactly what we did, with the exception of Saturday brunch at Bubby’s. Brunch at Bubby’s is becoming a weekend ritual, one that I am happy to keep forever, it’s the best brunch in the city in my opinion. We decided that it might be a good idea to walk a bit after brunch, since we seem to always stuff ourselves – we were wrong. After a few pictures, we B- lined it for the subway and to our warm apartment where we spent the rest of the night.

Another work week is starting up and as usual, I’m hoping it’s a productive one!

Wearing: Loft Dress / Loft Funnel Neck Coat  / Kate Spade Crossbody – sold out  (similar here, here and here) / Buxom Lip Cream in Berry


Closet Cleanse

Until recently, I didn’t  realize how out of control my collection of random belongings has gotten. Last week I started getting pretty irritated with the amount of space in our studio apartment, and realized we needed to be more conscious of the space we have and try to become more minimal apartment owners. I came to this realization because I found myself starring at all our random storage containers – the clear ones that college kids use – under the bed, in my closet, in J’s closet and in our linen closet. I started to get overwhelmed and I kind of felt like a hoarder. I started looking through boxes and bright pink containers this past weekend and I realized I’ve been carrying around college – related items for the past 3.5  since when I moved to the city. I’m not sure how my collections got so out of control, but I’m assuming that it’s just because I have a hard time getting rid of things – especially clothes and jewelry, even though I haven’t touched 90% of it in years. Every season I tell myself “I will probably wear that again” and then I never do. This past weekend I was determined to make a change and get rid of anything I thought “I might” not year again. This guide from Vogue that I found on Cupcakes and Cashmere  was very helpful when it came to my decision of either tossing, or keeping my things.

The rest of the apartment is still a work in progress, but getting my closet organized gave me a huge sense of relief.