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Neighborhood Series: Battery Park City

Outfit #1: Petersyn Shirt (also love, this and this), Madewell Jeans (last seen here), Steve Madden slides

Outfit #2: RAINS Jacket (also love, this and this), Hunter Boots, Karen Kane Leggings

New York is a beautiful place, I love living here and the fact that I could never run out of things to do, or eat!

I’ve lived in the city for over 6 years, and have been to almost every neighborhood in Manhattan in some capacity. There are some neighborhoods I frequent more than others, so, naturally, I know much more about them, but having spent time in each neighborhood has allowed me to pick and choose my activity or dining style based on the location I’m looking to venture to. For instance, I know if I want a good comedy show, I go to Greenwich Village, if I want a vibrant rooftop bar experience, I go to the LES, and if I want to enjoy the quaint streets of the city, I head over to the West Village, maybe Bank Street.

My goal as an NYC’er is to learn and experience as much as I can about each neighborhood, but sometimes I get stuck in my habbits and frequest the same neighborhoods all the time. But as I begin this series, I’m excited to continue exploring so that I can share all of my new insights, eats and things to do in each of these areas with you!

To start off the series, I’m beginning with my very own neighborhood, Battery Park City!

I’ve lived in this area for over 4 years and I’ve developed such a strong love for it. When I first moved here from the East Village it was viewed as the “boring” neighborhood since it was nearby the Financial District, and there wasn’t much going on. When I moved, they were still in the process of rebuilding after 9/11. So you can understand why it wasn’t as hoppin’ as some other neighborhoods in the city.

However, even back then, BPC had a certain appeal to us; it was convenient. We have just about every subway line within walking distance, so it’s easy to get everywhere. So while there was not much going on down here in terms of nightlife, we had access to subways to get anywhere in the city. Now that construction is starting to slow down, Battery Park has completely evolved! Everything that was under construction is now finished and we now have great shopping, bars, and restaurants right outside our doors!  And among all of those things, I have amazing views on the Hudson River and a quiet and safe place to unwind and feel at home after busy work days uptown.

One of my favorite parts about this area is that it’s truly a neighborhood in every sense. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Emily, you live in NYC, there is no such thing as a ‘neighborhood feeling,”” BUT THERE IS! I PROMISE! Every Saturday we wake up, take Lex for a walk and grab coffee across the street. We see our neighbors in the building walking around outside, we say “good morning”, and we also see other familiar faces from arounf the area, just like we would if we lived in the ‘burbs. There are basketball courts and a playing field to hang out and toss the ball around too. Battery Park is a neighborhood in every sense, and I love that it’s mine.


Keep Reading for Restaurants & Things To Do




Le District

Good for

Groups, Date Night, Casual Dining, Weekday Happy Hour, Grocery, Outdoor Seating

Blue Smoke

Good For

Groups, Lunch and Dinner, Date Night, Casual Dining, Cocktails

Shake Shack

Good For

Groups, Quick Bite, Fast Casual, Lunch or Dinner

Schilling Restaurant

Good For

Groups, Date Night, Dinner, Happy Hour, Casual, Cocktails

Clinton Hall

Good For

Groups, Parties, Outdoor Seating, Beer Hall, Casual, Games

Sauce and Barrel

Good For

Groups, Date Night, Lunch or Dinner, Cocktails, Happy Hour

Gigino At Wagner Park

Good For

Groups, Date Night, Dinner, Outdoor Seating



Hudson River walkway

Brookfield Place and Westfield Place Shopping

9/11 Museum

Bike Path on Westside Highway

Playing Fields for Soccer, Baseball, Football

Brookfield Place Ice Skating Rink (Wintertime)

Sail Boat Charters


I hope you keep coming back for more Neighborhood Series!



The Need For Eyeglasses

The truth is, computer/mobile screens destroy your eyes, but don’t stop reading this post.

Some Favorite Glasses: Warby Parker Nesbit Glasses (glasses I’m wearing here), Warby Parker Roland, Warby Parker Logan, Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren, Ray Ban, Michael Kors

Outfit: Halogen Plaid Topper – sold out (similar styles here, here, here and here), Karen Kane Leggings 

Over the past 5 years, my eyes have gone from 20/20 vision to not 20/20, very fast. I always thought I would have 20/20 my whole life, just like my mom does, but with the fact that I work in an industry that revolves around smartphones and computer screens, my perfect eyesight was destined for failure. As I type this, I’m hunching towards the computer to make sure I’m spelling words right. Ugh!

Typically, I only need glasses when looking at computer screens or reading, and even then I have some issues seeing 100% clearly. Part of that is likely because I need to update my prescription. I bought these ones from Warby Parker last year which I really love – I think I’m due for a new pair too. The other day was the first time that I ever wore glasses just walking around. I wanted to see if it would make a big difference in my farsighted vision since typically I can see well in the distance. However, the past few weeks I’ve noticed that subway signs, street signs and even people in the distance are blurry. The other day, Jordan was walking towards me and I didn’t know it until he was like 20 feet away.

Luckily for me, if I do get to a point where I need to be earing glasses majority of the time, I have a huge selection of great brands to choose from, and I could even have a different pair of specs of different occasions! now wouldn’t THAT be fun? Ha.

Is anyone else noticing their eyesight getting worse recently? Maybe I’m just getting old?



Oversized Velvet Bow

Sometimes I love to add a little ‘zing’ to my hair routine.

I was at NordstromRack the other day and there were so many different types of oversized hair bows that were hanging in the aisles, just waiting to be picked up. I couldn’t leave without one! Hair bows are always my top choice when it comes to accessorizing my hair. I’ve never been much of a headband girl, so when I feel like I need to add something extra, I always reach for a big bow. I was drawn to the black velvet bow, and while I don’t wear a ton of black, I loved the contrast of this one over the other colors ( similar here). I feel like it’s easy to add into my fall and winter outfits too! Being that it’s black, it’s not overly feminine either, which is right in my ballpark. I’ve picked some other bows below that I like as well below, in case you want to try and incorporate a big bow into your fall hair accessory routine!

Fall seems to officially be here. The weather temperatures are, on average much lower than they have been, the leaves are changing to their last bright shade of yellow, red or brown and have started to fall off of the trees, I’ve pulled out all of my coats and stocked up on my wintertime sweaters, finally. Fall, I’m ready for you!