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After Dinner Treat

Outfit: J.Crew Shirt (similar here, here, here and here), Jeans, Crossbody Purse

I’m still working on a few posts from our long weekend in Charleston, and this outfit ended up being one of my favorites. Likely because I was so comfortable the entire night! You can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt – like top and cropped jeans in my opinion!

The main reason for our trip to Charleston was to celebrate Jordan’s birthday! It seems that every year we’re someplace exciting to celebrate so why stop now? The entire weekend was remarkable, but on our last day in town the weather was a bit dreary, which was unfortunate since we had plans to head over to Sullivan’s Island during the day to swim. While that didn’t happened, we still made it over to the island for a wonderful dinner at Obstinate Daughter. 

Throughout the trip, it felt like everyday someone new recommended a different restaurant for us to try, it was a bit overwhelming to be honest, especially since we only had 3 days to try as many places as we could! I do think we did a pretty good job making it around to a handful of great spots considering our time constraint, but of course, we need to go back soon to finish the rest of our growing list!

Our Inn Keepers at 86 Cannon had provided us amazing recommendations as well, and one of them was the Obstinate Daughter, so we felt we had to try it. The menu is mainly pizza and pasta, but there were a ton of delicious veggies and healthy options thrown in there as well. Jordan and I sat at the bar, which is normally where we prefer to sit when it’s just the two of us. The bartenders were friendly, attentive and gave us excellent recos for dinner. We ordered the Old Danger pizza, Rigatoncini and the Anson Mills Farro Piccolo – everything was amazing!

After our bellies were pretty much full, I insisted on a Birthday treat, which was ice cream, of course, since we had yet to have any on the trip. We walked downstairs to the Beard Cat Sweet Shop which is part of O|B and indulged before heading home to the paradise we called 86 Cannon.


Summertime Blue Hues

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (sale) / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 /

Blue has long since been a color I’ve been drawn to, so you can only imagine my excitement that blue seems to be the color of the summer this year. I’ve already started filling my closet with lots of blue items like this, this, and this – and I’m still adding to my list of wants everyday, including these items listed above!

Summer is officially here, and I’m looking forward to incorporating more blue into my wardrobe! Any colors you have your mind set on this summer?



Blue Linen Dress

Outfit: Pinstripe Dress (also love this, this and this), Sunglasses on me (these and these), on Jordan

We had the best time in Charleston, and I attribute a large portion of our great experience there to the Boutique Inn we stayed at:  86 Cannon.

Before leaving for vacation, I had looked up the weather and noticed that the heat and humidity was going to be pretty ridiculous. On most days the humidity was over 90% which we are not used to coming from good ‘ole NY.

Our daily routine always involved waking up early (around 7am) to grab breakfast, which Lori and Marion had set out in the kitchen. I looked most forward to this each day, which is why I was happy to rise and shine. We’d normally take our time in the morning and head out around 10am on our bikes to explore. By 1pm we were back inside dripping with sweat, ready for another shower. Apparently the weather we were experiencing was not normal for Charleston in May.

The danishes were to die for! We also loved the chocolate croissants :-)

Yogurt, Fruit, Granola and fresh juices pictured above

On this day after we’d cooled off and showered, I decided I didn’t want to head right back out, but rather enjoy some rosè on the porch outside of our room. This was honestly one of my favorite moments during our time in Charleston. We felt so relaxed, which is the purpose of vacation after all, right?

I threw on this linen/cotton blend dress (also love this, this and this) because I knew it was perfect for the hot and humid day we were having. The dress is so light and comfortable and I know it will also be perfect for hotter days in the city!

We’re both wearing Woodzee sunnies (his, Sierra) and  mine, Palms

Before we knew it, it was 5pm and we had skipped lunch entirely (accidentally) for a bottle of wine so we quickly got changed to head out to dinner! I’m still dreaming of that porch and we’re already planning our next trip back to Charleston. When we do, we’ll be headed right back to 86 Cannon!