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If At First You Don’t Like Oysters, Try, Try Again

As mentioned in this post earlier this week, I don’t love seafood. Saying I don’t love seafood is actually kind of an understatement too, what I actually mean is that seafood as a whole grosses me out. I’m hopeful that one day my feelings towards seafood will do a complete 180, but until then I will only try it when I feel like I would be a total outcast if I didn’t, like at a beach bar in Cape Cod…

Since we were up in the cape this past weekend, it seemed it only made sense for me to give seafood – in particular oysters – another go. Oysters are a food I’ve really been trying to like this summer, but each time I slurp one down I gag a little, I think it’s just the texture of the darn things. I’ve had two oysters already this summer, so I wanted to try my third at this bar called The Beachcomber in Wellfleet. Everyone was ordering oysters and my dad wanted to get a dozen for the table, so I obviously had to try one again. They honestly taste as gross as they look, and judging from my un-flattering pictures in this post, I don’t think I will have my 4th anytime soon!

These pictures are not by any means flattering, but I felt like we really needed to capture the experience :-)


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