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Coat on Coats

Fall is my favorite season and I am becoming more upset by the day watching, and feeling the weather slowly change over from a beautiful crisp fall breeze, to a brisk winter chill. Fortunately, I still have a few more weeks here in the big apple to enjoy these fall coats. I’ve listed some of my favorites here. I am loving how plaid is playing a big part in winter fashion. Nothing makes you feel more cozy than a plaid jacket and I can’t wait to buy this one from Topshop.

Blog 2013 Outerwear


Madewell Parka / 2 Old Navy Blanket Coat / 3 Madewell Vest / 4 Topshop Wool Jacket (a similar all-gray version here) / 5 Shopbop Coat / 6 Sabine Leather Sleeve Jacket / 7 Madewell Plaid Coat

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