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5 Items I Won’t Travel Without

As we gear up for our trip tomorrow ( I can’t believe it) we’re finally starting our packing.

Today, I was packing together my toiletries and I grabbed these five items before anything else. Each serves a special purpose for me and I can’t live without them right now!

Trilogy Body Oil:  I’ve been on a body oil kick big time this year. I’ve tried a lot of body oils but find myself continually reaching for this stuff! What I like most about this oil is that it’s infused with rosehip, which is great for redness.

Fresh Sugar (Poppy): Fresh is a brand I’ve been using for years, and I always have at least one color in my purse. Lately, I’ve been using this is Poppy. I find that it’s the perfect shade of pink for my lips. I can run out of the house with just this on and feel a little touched up. The best part is, it doubles as a chapstick, so my lips are always a bit pink and hydrated. Refuse to travel without this!

Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow (Pearl): Similar to the Fresh Sugar, I use this Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow palette for the same reason. It’s easy, and it provides an effortless glow, especially when you are more of a minimal makeup person as myself. I can throw this on, while I’m in a hurry and feel put together instantly. I had been looking for this particular shade of pink for so long, so for me, it was worth the investment. I’ve had it now for about 4 months and I haven’t even come close to reaching the bottom. Right now it’s sold out, but I hope they re-stock. I’ve linked some similar ones here, here and here.

First Aid Beauty Cleanser:  I have sensitive skin, and while I do have a prescription face wash that I use a couple times a week to help with my roseca, I find that this First Aid Beauty is a perfect compliment to that. I have sensitive skin so I need a light cleanser that cleans my skin and helps me avoid any unnecessary breakouts at the same time, without being rough on the surface of my skin. I’ve been using this for at least a year, and I will not travel without this baby!

Nail Envy:  I have no idea what is in this stuff, but it works wonders. My nails, when they are weak or peeling, can be the biggest nuisance when I’m traveling, so I always pack. I’ve been using it a lot lately so that I can get my nails strong and healthy for the trip. While I type this I feel like this is such a little problem, and that it’s ridiculous I even bring it everywhere with me, but I consider this a necessity, especially when I’m going to a different country.

We leave tomorrow night, for our trip and I can’t wait! While it’s going to be an insanely long travel day, I can’t wait to be in a new country (Switzerland) that I’ve never been to! Follow along on Instagram and Stories for updates!


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