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The Simple Outfit

Outfit: Jean Skirt, old (similar here and here, also love this one!), White Tank Top, old (similar here, here and here)

Sometimes, well, let’s be honest, most times I feel best in a tee shirt and jeans. During the summer, that is easily translatable to a denim skirt and a white tank top.

The other day, I was craving Saigon Shack (last spoken about here), our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the city located in Greenwich Village. The restaurant is cash only, and super casual, so I threw on a simple outfit that I loved; a jean skirt (similar here ) and a super old tank top from Zara that I wear over and over. We were having a late lunch at 4PM and the sun was situated so perfectly in the sky creating such a beautiful glow. My favorite days in the summer are sunny ones (duh), between 3-5 PM because it’s not too hot, and the sun sits in such a relaxing place in the sky where you’re not overheated!

I bought this particular skirt back in March and I just pulled it out of my closet recently. It’s the ideal denim skirt because there is some spandex in the material making the skirt more flexible, which is what I prefer, especially when I’m about to eat! I can see myself bringing this out in the fall as well and wearing it with these booties that I recently bought, even these shoes as well! This summer seemed to have been the summer to the jean skirts, I wore them more than I ever have in the past!


Learning the Language


I find so much pleasure in learning a new language, and what better time to teach yourself, then when you know you are traveling someplace new?!

We’re heading to Switzerland and Italy in September (I can’t believe it’s only 4 weeks away!). We were in Italy last year, and before making the trip, I made sure to brush up on some Italian. This year, we’re adding Switzerland into the mix, where they mainly speak French, German or Italian, depending on where you’re located. For our trip, we’re staying in central Switzerland, the Jungfrau Region specifically, where I know their main language is German. I do not speak a lick of German, and neither does Jordan, which is why I think it’s important for one of us to have a slight understanding of the language. That person is going to be me!

I get so frustrated when I’m in a foreign location and have no idea what menus say, street signs, or how to ask for directions. My goal isn’t necessarily to become fluent in the language since that would take too long, I just want to be able to ask for directions and understand common phrases. I never want to be in a situation where I can’t communicate at all!

Even if you aren’t traveling, it’s great to learn basics of a new language. DuoLingo is the app that I use to teach myself different languages, and I highly recommend you to give it a try when you have some time to spare!


Summer Skin Routine

L’Occitane Shower Oil, L’Occitane  Supple Skin Oil and L’Occitane Milk Concentrate Moisturizer

All summer long I feel like I’ve been talking about my skin care routine, whether it be to my girlfriends or on social media. I’m more aware than ever about the products I’m putting on my body, and it’s important to me that I’m using products that are healthy, and in a way, preventive.

It’s no secret that keeping your skin hydrated not only creates a healthy glow, but it also slows the process of aging. Having a solid skincare routine in place is key, especially as we start to get older!  I partnered with Sephora to try out some of L’Occitane’s new Almond Products, and I’m so grateful to have been exposed to such a fantastic skin care brand. I’ve been using the Shower Oil, Skin Oil and the Milk Concentrate Moisturizer daily.

The scent of all three is delicious (ha). I’m not sure how else to describe it, the smell is fresh, yet sweet, but not overpowering at all. I’ve been using the Shower Oil every morning, followed by the Milk Concentrate Moisturizer. Throughout the day though, I’m constantly moisturizing because I hate when my skin starts to feel any sort of dryness (I’m seriously ODC about keeping my skin moisturized). I keep the moisturizer right on my desk and use it when I need it, which is at least 3 times a day.

Skin oil is one skin care product that I’ve really taken a liking to this year. I had always heard about the benefits of using oil in your daily skin routine, yet I had not tried it. For some reason, I thought it would be bad for my sensitive skin, but that has not been the case at all.  I’ve been using the Supple Skin Oil every night before bed to help keep my body moisturized and silky. The good thing about this skin oil is that it absorbs quickly, so you don’t have to worry about feeling oily or anything. I say that because that used to be one of my many hesitations about skin oil. I typically put the skin oil on my face, arms, elbows, knees, chest, and feet (basically everywhere) about 20 minutes before getting under the covers. For the past 2 months I’ve been waking up with satin-like skin, and I don’t hate it!

You can get these products at Sephora, I’ve linked to them all above!

P.S L’Occiatane is pronounced LOX – EE – TAN (betcha never thought that!)


Thank you to Sephora for sponsoring this post!