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Neighborhood Series: Tribeca


Who would have thought that this Liquor Store on the left is actually a J.Crew store housing different collabs and brand takeovers?!

Quaint bar area @ Two Boots


Take the red line (1,2 or 3) North or South and hop off at Franklin Street. You’ve arrived in the heart of Tribeca.

Outfit 1: LOFT Skirt, LOFT Sweater, Marc Fisher Booties (similar here, here, here and here)

Outfit 2: ASOS Tee (pack of 3 for $24) , JOA Coat, Madewell Jeans

Outfit 3: VINCE Sweater, Madewell Jeans

Some may not actually know that Tribeca (sometimes written, TriBeCa)  stands for the Triangle Below Canal. Tribeca is one of the areas I visit most, it holds a special place in my heart as it was the first neighborhood I ever cared to visit when I came to the city as a child, I thought the cobblestone streets were the most beautiful thing and I loved walking on them. Though, I now know better to avoid heels when doing so!  Tribeca is now only a walk, or quick subway ride away, so I visit this area whenever I can, which is normally on the weekends.

Over the years I’ve become so familiar with each street to the point where you could blindfold me, put me in the middle of a random block, and I could figure out how to get home, no problem (without a phone!). While Tribeca is known for its upscale housing and rich people (LBH), the area itself is NYC “affordable” in terms of eating and going out. There are very expensive places to dine, of course, but also tons of reasonable restaurants as well.

Two of my favorite coffee shops are Maman and Kaffe 1668. Both are wonderful places to spend a few hours, just hanging out, reading and enjoying the delicious light bites and coffee that they have. With the bitter cold temps on their way, I know I will find myself here a lot on the weekends stuffing myself with pastries and fresh fruit!

Of course, just because I do a lot of my dining and drinking in Tribeca, doesn’t mean there isn’t more to do there than indulge! I really love to wander, I’m very good at it. Each time I’m up here, I find something new that I love. For instance, I had walked by this particular “Liquor Store” dozens of times before I realized that it is a flagship, J.Crew boutique! Who would have thought!? I literally don’t think anyone because it was a ghost town when we walked in (haha). Jordan bought some socks and we do plan to go back because the items were really amazing.  You can see this in the next photo there is a sign above my head that says Liquor Store – that’s it!



Two Hands Tribeca

Good For

Groups, Brunch, Casual, Healthy


Good For

Groups, Date Night, Quiet, Casual, Craft Beer, Before Dinner Drinks

Terra Wine Bar

Good For

Groups, Date Night, Tapas, Casual, WineBar

Kaffe 1668

Good For

Groups, Alone, Afternoon Date, Small Bits, Coffee, Studying

Terroir Tribeca

Good For

Groups, Date Night, Casual, Small Plates, Italian

Locanda Verde

Good For

Date Night, Groups, Dressy, Loud, Italian, Upscale

Brandy Library

Good For

 Groups, Date Night, Dressy, Quiet,  After Dinner Drinks


Good For

Groups, Date Night, American, Drinks, Casual


 Good For

 Groups, Alone, Breakfast / Brunch, Coffee, Tea, Healthy


Walk Greenwhich, Leonard, Franklin, North Moore and Laight Street

Dry Bar Hair Salon on Franklin

Mysterious Bookshop

Pier 25 on the Westside Highway

Saturday Farmers Market on Greenwich



Wintertime Ruffle Dress


Anybody home? This entrance looks so welcoming! The trees surrounding the door were so pretty!

One of my favorite parts about wearing dresses in the wintertime is the tall boots you can wear with them!

Outfit: Saloni Dress (from RTR), Longline Coat (similar here and here), Suede Boots (in brown, similar here and here)

I always feel so put together when I wear a dress and tall boots, and the funny thing is is that this combo can sometimes be way more comfortable than my typical go-to of jeans and a sweater during the wintertime. It was nice to switch things up a bit!  And luckily the weather has been mild so far, so I’ve been wearing dresses and boots a lot without freezing my bum off! I rented this dress from Rent The Runway, it’s by Saloni and it’s such a comfortable style, I could wear it every day! It comes without a belt, but to add more shape I decided to throw on a thin belt! The dress (which is now on sale) falls in all right spots and the ruffles on either side add so much movement! I’m part of the RTR Unlimited program, so I can order up to 4 items at a time, which has played a huge part in my outfit creations this winter so far. When I saw this dress on the site I wasn’t sure if it would be too short (and it wasn’t), and having had paired it with tall boots  (also love, these, these, these and these) I think made it a more fun and flirty look!

As you may know, I’m working on my Neighborhood Series, and as a part of creating this series I’ve been exploring a bunch of different neighborhoods in Manhattan on the weekends – this particular day was spent in Chelsea walking around and having some coffee and bites to eat. One of the prettiest streets in Chelsea ( in my opinion) is between 9th and 10th Avenue on 21st street and 22nd street. There is a beautiful park on 10th ave and gorgeous tree-lined streets right off of the avenue. In the fall the trees down the street turn the most beautiful colors, which is why I knew it would be a great day to head over there – I knew they were going to be that bright orange color. The series on Chelsea is coming soon though!

The key to wearing dresses in these colder months is to make sure you have nice warm layers on as well! I wore warm tights and these knee-high suede boots, along with a longline coat (last seen here and here). This whole combo kept me quite warm! As it slowly starts to get even cooler I’m going to have to figure out another plan of action for spending so much time outside. Perhaps long johns?


Winter White Sweater

 There is nothing I love more than spending my weekends in warm sweaters!

Outfit: Sweater, sold out (similar here, here, here and here), Madewell Jeans , Lo & Sons Purse

As soon as the temps fall below 50 degrees, I yank out all of my sweaters from my closet and place them on rotation for the season, slowly rotating in new sweaters! We can never have enough, can we? Luckily for me, the weather here in the city has been pretty mild so far, so it’s easy to pop out of the apartment with a cozy knit sweater on and be totally comfortable.

I picked this one up from J.Crew a few weeks ago, and unfortunately it’s all sold out, but I’ve found some others similar that I love hereherehere and here! My favorite way to wear sweaters is with a pair of jeans, although I did switch it up a bit the other day!

I’ve been wearing this purse almost every weekend not even realizing it (it’s currently 35% off!) ! It’s one of the most versatile items I have in my closet, and I’ve worn it many different ways since receiving it before leaving for our trip to Switzerland and Italy in September. I’m thinking of doing a special post just on how to style this purse.